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Find the product demo you wish to dowload and click on one of the download links. When prompted, choose to save the zip file to your hard drive. Unzip the files contained in the zip file by using a zip extraction tool. If you do not have a zip extraction tool, Snarfblat recommends downloading WinZip. You can download WinZip from the following locations.


Deer's Revenge demo (23.7M)
It's open season on hicks! You are one very angry deer with only one thing on your mind - REVENGE! Can you capture the elusive one toothed hick?
ftp.cdrom.com zdftp.zdnet.com Snarfblat FTP
Fish's Revenge demo (8.3M)
It's time for revenge again! This time you are Fin, a funny little fish with whole lot of attitude! Fish the hicks right out of their swimming hole and then mount them as trophies!
Snarfblat FTP

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