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At Snarfblat we all work very hard to produce high end gaming innovation. We have a commitment to comedy, and will go to great lengths to ensure that our product is nothing but the best. Our games have graphics and sounds that will shock and amaze you and your friends. Just look below at some of our latest releases.

My name is Trash Whackem. When I was a boy I wanted to be the world's greatest Hokeymon Master. Instead of going to school, I wasted my life trying to build my Hokeymon skills. Now I'm old, all alone, and everyone says I'm nuts... But I'll show them! I'm going to collect all the Hokeymon, but this time I'm going to make sure that when I whack'em they'll stay whacked! Then I'll place their stuffed little pelts on my trophy shelf!
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Who wants to be a GAZILLIONAIRE?

Do you have the brain power to climb the moneyboard and become a gazillionaire?
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Deer's Revenge

It's hick Season - Year 'Round! Feel the thrill of hunting Hicks alongside Ralph Bambillo, the deer with an attitude. Practice aiming with your Beer'Can Gun, Net Gun, or Stun Gun at the target range, or choose to hunt them in their natural habitats. Then get ready to lock your sights on a big seven toothed hick!
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Check out this note found on actual hick!
Fish's Revenge

You are Fin, a fish plucked from his home by steel hooks more times than he cares to remember. Now, armed with knowledge of the hicks favorite swimming areas, and lures the hicks just can't refuse Fin will have his revenge!
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