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ConTrivia is a new type of Comedy game! It's conservative! It's outrageous! It's hilarious! Get your snarf on and have yourself a barrel of laughs while you play ConTrivia- US Constitution Edition, and simultaneously learn about our great countrys awesome history, trials, and mainstream media fibulations!

Be warned though, this game is skewed Right, pulls no punches, and as a result, is decidedly adult oriented. And it won't treat you like a child - we have high expectations from conservatives. If you liked the demo, then you will LOVE the complete game!

Hundreds of hilarious questions, jokes, and overall chuckles in a format that's fast paced, with a laugh a minute! Brush up on your constitution facts, general conservative trivia, and punchy one liners to hammer the snowflakes with! Lot's of locked and loaded insults to toss into any swarming pit of progressives!

It's got more jokes than a progressive could shake a Food Stamp at!
And did we mention-- it's a paltry $3! Where can you get a few hours of laughs for just $3?!

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