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Wow, you've found the goodies stash! Here we keep some of the files that Snarfblat employees created when they went unwatched for too long.

It's not when they're noisy that they are getting into trouble, it's when they are quiet....

Valentines Day in Washington DC Special from Snarfblat on Vimeo.

ConTrivia Theme Song

This is the fabled original theme song to ConTrivia, cut by corporate muckity mucks to appease mass market retailers due to its 'Bad Attitude' and alleged promotion of hunting down basement dwelling progressives! We told them it's just a comedy game, with a comedy song, don't take it so serious!! BAH!
Hokeymon Matching

Hokeymon has taken the world by storm! Now there is a new challenge to play right here on the Snarfblat website. Can you match them all?
Wonder Dog

This file needs no introduction. Who hasn't heard of Guido theWonder Dog! He rules!

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