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Boston, MA- In exclusive Snarfblat photos, Brian Steed, Senior Engineer at Snarfblat, was recently accused of being Guido the Wonder Dog, famous super-hero of the Boston MA area. Guido's numerous heroic acts in the local area are legendary, such as the time of the big downtown fire, when the firemen couldn't find a hydrant. Guido grabbed the Captain by the arm, dragged him down the street, and pointed his hind leg at it.

Mr.Steed vehemently denied any connection to Guido the Wonder dog, and added, "Nor do I have any biokinetic morphing technology under development.  Lies, all lies! If I used biokinetic morphing technology to morph myself into something else, you can bet your soup bones it would be a Great Dane, not some puny bulldog! Uhhhm, by the way, got any kibble?"


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